0 release will be based on ansible-base-2. retries don't work without until. 1) Stop web server. It is imported automatically and thus always available. Inventory files are the way to specify connection to the servers for Ansible. Popen. This cluster was built before EKS existed, we were waiting until we were at 1. addy” while replacing friend@emailbox. state -name: sleep for 300 seconds and continue with play wait_for: timeout=300 delegate_to: localhost-name: Wait 300 seconds for port 8000 to become open on the host, don't start checking for 10 seconds wait_for: port: 8000 delay: 10-name: Wait 300 seconds for port 8000 of any IP to close active connections, don't start checking for 10 seconds wait -name: Wait 300 seconds for port 8000 to become open on the host, don't start checking for 10 seconds ansible. In most cases, you can use the short module name wait_for even without specifying the collections: keyword. 0 port: 8000 state: drained timeout: 150-name: Wait for port 8000 of any IP to close active connection, ignoring certain hosts ansible. Disconnect before the host closes your ssh connection. feanil mentioned this issue on Sep 6, 2017. 1 25565 do echo sleep 1 done in your mind, add the word "succeeds" to the command, and then add if , until or while So whatever the reason is, if you ever wanted to repeat a Linux command or program until it ends successfully, this guide will help. cfg, environment variables, command-line options, playbook keywords, and variables. windows. junos role to configure devices running Junos OS. Minimum value = 1. 2. - name: Upgrading via spacewalk shell: spacecmd system_upgradepackage <hostname> '*' -y - name: Reboot after upgrades shell: reboot async: 0 poll: 0 - name: Waiting for host to come up local_action: wait_for host={{ ansible_ssh_host }} state=started The following sections outline errors that you might encounter when using the config module in the juniper. Create, modify and manage various connection and device type e. The connection_username must be a member of the local Administrator group of the Windows host. This can be anything, even an echo "Hello World" command. 1. I'm using Ansible to provision a machine with Jenkins within a Docker container As part of the provisioning process I wait until Jenkins is running and then download the CLI to continue the provisioning by executing CLI commands. service']. Projects & job templates A Tower Project is a logical collection of Ansible Playbooks. cfg , environment variables, command-line options, playbook keywords, and variables. The jar file is being downloaded to the host machine. Starting at Ansible 2. I chose Ansible for a very simple reason. - hosts: localhost connection: local tasks: - name: stop httpd systemd: name: httpd state . stdout" retries: 30 delay: 5 when: ansible_service_mgr == 'systemd' changed_when: false Posted on December 10, 2017 Author peter. gather_facts. The provided keywords can be used, for example, for verifications (e. The first creates the spot requests. I have created an Ansible script to automatically update WordPress on a server. If you have alredy installed Ansible, you can go over this step. Prior to Ansible engine 2. wait until created instances will be ready to accept SSH traffic The second play contains a single task and its goal is to define environment variables necessary for PyTorch Lightning. You can treat is as an alternative to SSH command. 4, Ansible is finally installed on the Satellite server itself. 8 and later, this module can also be used to wait for active connections to be closed before continuing, useful if a node is being rotated out of a load balancer pool. This is the current flow to execute an ansible playbook: User opens the playbook from his repo. local &a If the utility is already running, Ansible will stop and wait until the process has been completed. My first attempt: watch -n5 ssh me@device. Then follow the wait_for_connection with your file module task. Starts now! ansible-playbook playbooks/eks. If you've by accident deleted to much cloud-init data you can re-initialize it with the following command: cloud-init init Command Line script to create VM's. To make sure it is at least ready to take API calls before continuing, I will run vmware_about_facts once a minute until it succeeds. Ansible takes a ‘batteries included’ approach, supplying a boatload of modules that do everything from running shell commands to altering hardware routers. , ethernet, teams, bonds, vlans etc. So I don't think there will be many problems that can rise to release-blocking status. The until loop is used to execute a given set of commands as long as the given condition evaluates to false. This helps with so many things: Once you have a known working state, you can commit the work (ideally, with tags marking major versions, like 1. On Ubuntu and Debian like systems, install dependencies as ‘apt-get install -y libnm-glib-dev’. 6 and later, this module can also be used to wait for a file to be available or absent on the filesystem. this is very helpful for any task require the reboot. 7, To reboot the target hosts, we need to define a block of code to reboot the server and wait until the hosts to come back. This module can also be used to wait for a regex match a In Ansible 1. One of my small annoyances with Ansible, though, is it's default CLI output—whenever there's a command that fails, or a command or task that What started as small collection of Ansible playbooks became a large collection of long playbooks, all placed in a local git repo. We will use a wait_for_connection module to check the node coming back online after a reboot. But both exhibit the same failure mode. Example configuration for using Pi-Hole, Cloudflared, Docker Compose, Ansible, and Caddy to over-engineer your home network for privacy and security. Ansible hanging on repoquery during yum command #12858 ansible -vvv server1 -m ping # succeeds ansible -vvv -b server1 -m ping # hangs at the sudo attempt # unless I first ssh and sudo manually Other data points: We normally use dzdo (Centrify) instead of sudo. adding the meta: reset_connection but it disconnects before that's run. # noqa 303 command: systemctl is-system-running register: systemctl_status until: "'running' in systemctl_status. For example you have the the following scenario. Here, we’re using the ec2 module to talk to Amazon Web Services. 0 for the first stable version and 2. In this situation, wait_for module is the right module to use. See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters. In this case the Ansible script runs locally on that server. To achieve that, you can use the service_facts module with an until loop: - name: Wait for service 'myservice' to be running service_facts: register: result until: result. It seems, in my case, things go awry when you connect to the same host but its key changed. Description¶. 'retries' needs to be set as a parameter of the task First is a remote exec which forces Terraform to wait until SSH is running to run Ansible. Ansible is not the right choice for hot deployment to get rid of manual work and deploy the war files continuously to a server or where ever you want. You must be in vagrant_ansible_tutorial directory. If the script performs any potentially blocking or long-running operations, such as network communication, you may wish initiate such operations in the background and have the script return immediately. I find it relatively easy to quickly deploy different LAB environments for this purpose. wait_for - Waits for a condition before . On CentOS and Fedora like systems, install dependencies as ‘yum/dnf install -y python-gobject NetworkManager-glib’. services ['some. By default, plays run with a linear strategy, in which all hosts will run each task before any host starts the next task. The options passed into the module should make sense if you’re familiar with the All groups and messages Ansible supports a few ways of providing configuration variables, mainly through environment variables, command line switches and an ini file named ansible. For this reason, multiple agent-based systems have implemented out-of-bands wait to implement such feature. wait_for – Waits for a condition before continuing. Basic Setup Ansible. You can manage your playbooks by placing them into a source code management (SCM) system supported by Tower, including Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. Using a Loop to Wait. - name: Reboot host shell: sleep 2 && shutdown -r now "Reboot initiated by Ansible" async: 1 poll: 0 become: True listen: reboot_host - name: Pause until host is shutting down local_action: module: wait_for timeout: 3 become: False listen: reboot_host - name: Wait until host is reachable wait_for_connection: become On initial page load, Ansible will show that it is upgrading components. This is used to gather certain facts from the hosts. ansible wait_for reboot to complete and proceed. we cannot wait until it finishes to get its output) and would like to collect the output during its execution. If the condition evaluates to false, commands are executed. Go back to the list of templates and launch the workflow Compliance Workflow again. Wait-Process works only on processes Reboot host with Ansible. Now deactivate instance ansible-1 with the slider button and wait until it is shown as unavailable. It will have to wait until those machines check-in. e. Wait-Process works only on processes You need to make sure that stdin, stdout, and stderr are all closed, otherwise ssh will wait until they do, even if the process has been backgrounded. My PXE server will deploy an image then shutdown the VM. Ansible is a configuration management tool. 10 is. Use free strategy This blog presents how the Ansible Roles can be added to the Satellite 6. feanil added a commit to edx/configuration that referenced this issue on Sep 6, 2017. BuiltIn is Robot Framework's standard library that provides a set of generic keywords needed often. Use the ec2 module and start filling in those details: For instance_type, use t2. May 24, 2018. Once the OVF deploys, the module can wait for an IP address before continuing. Ansible reboot module will take care of rebooting the systems or managed node, wait for the system to go down, come back online, and respond to commands. ansible_facts. eg docker run –name kphttpd httpd docker wait kphttpd docker kill kphttpd Didn't help, it just disconnected after the set wait time. The ansible-3. The condition is evaluated before executing the commands. Otherwise, if we proceeded without waiting, the package database would be locked and the apt/dpkg utilities would fail to install the required packages. 10 so they won't actually be regressions. Maximum value = 20939. Tools such as Chef and Puppet are agent-based but can also run without a centralized server to scale a large number of machines, commonly called Serverless Chef and Masterless Puppet Bash until Loop#. I wanna archive to query the ReST api and see it is online before I am starting with other ReST Calls. Is there any "Ansible" way to redirect to sysout of the command to a local log file during its execution without using the tee pipe? Sometimes you don’t want to wait all hosts to complete a task, before going to the next one in Ansible. For this, you need an Automation deployment tool which is Jenkins. I want to run the ssh command every 5 seconds until the command succeeds. After that Ansible has to wait until the kickstart process has finished its work and then can reboot the machine. 6 tasks. 2 For a generic solution with any type of service, the solution would be to loop on getting service status until it's 'running'. Sometimes this is good enough, but the VCSA may take another 20 minutes or so before it is actually usable. The problem is the timing. yml -vv -e @overrides. Make sure you are user ansible on tower-GUID. The wait command will wait until a container stops and then print their exit codes. I am using the gce module and have been creating and recreating instances. yml -e env=test I had the same thing. Ansible is a great tool for automating IT workflows, and I use it to manage hundreds of servers and cloud services on a daily basis. Open source community keeps trying to make the code much simpler on the newer version. And it can be run as a local action on the ansible-host, instead of the target host. It assumes that there will be some period of time (up to 3 minutes) where the webapp is refusing socket connections. g. Instead of manually polling myself, I whipped up this little one-liner: while ! ssh centos7-01a; do true; done. I actually have a playbook which shutddown the VM, change Boot Order to boot on PXE. Wait … actually, there is a new repository: rhel-7-server-ansible-2. After that, it checks the /alive page for the word "OK". Bash until Loop#. Sometimes I restart a device and need to ssh back in when it's ready. My id and the ansible-user id are both AD accounts. The `retries` statement is just ignored unless an `until` clause is provided. At the moment the benefits aren’t clear. - name: Wait for systemd to complete initialization. 0 and Packer 1. Reboot the host. If the above does not work, there may be an additional evaluation of the command line arguments by sshpass . Ansible supports a few ways of providing configuration variables, mainly through environment variables, command line switches and an ini file named ansible. So it failed silently at first, and then started showing ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host. Manage the network devices. If I have some server in that state, why not just Ansible times out and move to other servers? Very probably the plays run with linear strategy. . For example, if limit is 5, but 10 servers are discovered, it means that goal is reached. And, finally, we import the environment playbook. Repeat ssh attempt until it works or you give up. 8. device collection or the juniper_junos_config module in the Juniper. Wait for servers to appear in the list. Must produce a Boolean result. - name: Reboot the machine with all defaults options reboot: There are options like reboot_timeout for waiting timeout or pre_reboot_delay which will wait until mentioned seconds before reboot You must be in vagrant_ansible_tutorial directory. Wait until you receive instructions to run these commands at the appropriate step. com> wrote: I'm guessing that what's going on here is that you're rebooting, but during the shutdown the mysql service is still running and port 3306 is up, so that when it gets to the wait_for task it succeeds and moves on. Use Ansible's YAML callback plugin for a better CLI experience. level 1. At a bare minimum, you should store your Ansible playbooks in a Git repository. py for Ansible 2. The Ansible documentation just mentions it recommends using git. For a long time rebooting a host with Ansible has been tricky. The real power of Ansible, however, is in learning how to use playbooks to run multiple, complex tasks against a set of targeted hosts in an easily repeatable manner. The Wait-Process cmdlet waits for one or more running processes to be stopped before accepting input. 5 - packer. Will exit when specified amount of servers is distinguished, "at least". (There are many ways, but this method is a common practice): We will trigger a reboot command using the shell module. The node will block and wait until the script completes and returns before it can proceed. September 2018 Update: Ansible 2. Ansible can reboot the server without using spacecmd, using the reboot command. I am using Ansible to manage my VMs. 4 and how they can be used for the config management and more (and by more, I mean Insights). This module is part of ansible-base and included in all Ansible installations. py Ansible will try them until one succeeds or they all fail Starts the command and If anything goes wrong, add -vvvv to the ansible command for more diagnostics, and also check your ~/. 2. Inventory file. Cataclysmicc. Ad hoc commands can run a single, simple task against a set of targeted hosts as a one-time command. This would ultimately cause the Ansible role to fail. It will wait until the VM is active before creating the next one, and it passes through a user This cmdlet does not work on Linux or macOS. 4 the ansible-config utility allows users to see all the configuration settings available, their defaults, how to set them and where their current value comes from. Live Demo. ssh/config and the Ansible connection settings in your host_vars. Then we execute an ansible-playbook command from the same machine where we ran terraform apply . connection: this is the connection type Ansible uses to connect to the hosts. Method 3: Configuring SSH Functionality. Any problems with ansible-base will also be present in ansible-2. The virtual console or terminal may throw a great deal of text at you, but you can simply wait until your prompt is returned to you. 2) Do some magic (takes different time on different hosts) 3) Start web server. 10, just like ansible-2. Wait until a particular condition is satisfied. 0 port: 8000 state: drained exclude_hosts: ['10. I think the script, that has been provided below, will explain itself. Of course you can also use Terraform. First thing that we need to do before we can actually start using Ansible is to create an Inventory file. openstack overcloud ffwd-upgrade prepare This command performs the initial preparation steps for the overcloud upgrade, which includes replacing the current overcloud plan on the undercloud with the new OpenStack Platform 13 overcloud plan and your updated Ansible and VMware wait until the VM is powered-off. micro and set image to ami-41d48e24: That's the exact image we used when we launched the instance manually. We set this to ‘false’ so Ansible can run the playbook without having to wait until it finishes gathering facts about the two routers. Connectivity check WITH Ansible. See Controlling how Ansible behaves: precedence rules for details on the relative precedence of each source. Expressed in milliseconds, seconds, or minutes. Merged. Here is an example script you can use to create an amount of VM's using the command line. evalrule Default syntax expression that evaluates the database server’s response to a MYSQL-ECV or MSSQL-ECV monitoring query. win_wait_for: port: 8000 delay: 10-name: Wait 150 seconds for port 8000 of any IP to close active connections ansible. You can specify a process by process name or process ID (PID), or pipe a process object to Wait-Process. So wait until that completes, and finally a login page will be displayed as below. ansible wait_for reboot to be completed, before proceeding. If it’s a connection problem, try to directly call ssh-vvvv my-box and if that succeeds, also make sure you can become root via sudo su-. 10 before deciding whether to go to EKS. 7 (to be released around October 2018) will include a new reboot module, which makes reboots a heck of a lot simpler (whether managing Windows, Mac, or Linux!): - name: Reboot the server and wait for it to come back up. Issue the command ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C “friend@emailbox. Repeat A Command Until It def wait_until(client, timeout, precise, limit): """Wait until specified amount of servers are discovered. Ansible is a simple configuration management tool. Each subcommand polls an API until the listed requirement is met. In Ansible 1. Wait some number of seconds to ensure the host has really shut down. Despite that, we recommend you use the FQCN for easy linking to the module documentation Ansible wait until command succeeds wait_for – Waits for a condition before continuing, It is also useful when starting guests with the virt module and needing to pause until they are ready. Use free strategy Example #. For Windows targets, use the ansible. It also delegates the retrieval of the URL to the Wait for Ansible ansible. reboot: In Part 2 of this blog series, we will use Molecule to aid with the role development. Common errors: setup. Reboot and wait for reboot to complete in Ansible playbook. In order to ssh back into the machine, I would have to wait for it to come back online and start up ssh. Time duration for which to wait before probing a service that has been marked as DOWN. Check Mode as A Drift Test ¶--check mode is Ansible can be used as a layer of testing as well. To deal with those cases, you can use the built-in test defined of Jinja. You don’t want your web servers to be down, until all of your hosts execute step 2 Ansible Playbooks and Ad Hoc Commands. addy with the email address you want to associate with the key. state This happens because your dictionary key status won't be defined along the retries, up until the command succeeds (or gives a non-zero return code). +1 for this feature, since it seems arbitrary to be able to repeat-until on a single task, but not a task list. win_wait_for: host: 0. If you want to run a command on a Linux system until it succeeds, there are some really easy ways to do it that don’t require you to retype the command repeatedly or sit in front of your screen The work is done by a shell command virt-xml on the cluster node. Before we can start, we first need to install Ansible. 4. Using the --check flag to the ansible command will report if Ansible thinks it would have had to have make any changes to bring the system into a desired state. The steps are: ssh to the host. ansible/ansible#20802. - file: path: "/etc/ansible/facts. If you cannot wait until then and want to dive deeper into the topic of role development and testing, or Ansible automation in general, we’ve collected some resources in the meantime: Ansible Whitepaper - Achieving Rolling Updates & Continuous Deployment (Ansible is getting stuck executing scp command on that server). To use the ansible command for host management, you need to provide an inventory file which defines a list of hosts to be managed from the control node. View license def _build_command(self, binary, *other_args): ''' Takes a binary (ssh, scp, sftp) and optional extra arguments and returns a command line as an array that can be passed to subprocess. 0 - problem persists. 0 for an upgrade or rewrite). To do this, we will add some parameters to the “Check for the file” task: - name: Check for the file file: path: "/tmp/john" state: file register: my_file until: my_file is succeeded retries: 2 delay: 1. For a generic solution with any type of service, the solution would be to loop on getting service status until it's 'running'. 9. Ansible; Installation in the log message when an upgrade succeeds: "true" on custom resources to enable the deletion to wait until all the resources in the View license def _build_command(self, binary, *other_args): ''' Takes a binary (ssh, scp, sftp) and optional extra arguments and returns a command line as an array that can be passed to subprocess. Ansible Configuration Settings. The only thing I can think of is to somewhat bypass ansible, and repeatedly try executing a bash script (produced from ansible template) until it succeeds. One way to do this is to specify the path to the inventory file with the -i option to the ansible command. I would like to be able to"powered-on" my VM WHEN my VM is "powered-off'. builtin. Ansible supports several sources for configuring its behavior, including an ini file named ansible. Attempt to ssh to the host and execute a command. This module will wait until the process is finished unless asynchronous is yes, ensure the process is run as a non-interactive command to avoid infinite hangs waiting for input. The command can only be fired after the machine started correctly. ansible. ansible -vvv server1 -m ping # succeeds ansible -vvv -b server1 -m ping # hangs at the sudo attempt # unless I first ssh and sudo manually Other data points: We normally use dzdo (Centrify) instead of sudo. In the PowerShell console, this cmdlet suppresses the command prompt until the processes are stopped. Again, provided you haven’t changed the default username/password. · 4y. Make a (mental) note of the TOTAL JOBS counter of the instance. 0. This cmdlet does not work on Linux or macOS. d" state: "directory". Ansible Fails to Timeout when SSH conection is OK, but command executes during long (infinite) time. With the release of the Satellite 6. The Bash until loop takes the following form: until [CONDITION] do [COMMANDS] done. cfg. This is an example of using until/retries/delay to implement an alive check for a webapp that is starting up. win_wait_for module instead Waiting for a port to become available is useful for when services The dependency on httplib2 was removed in Ansible 2. Using telnet or nc command to make sure DNS, routing and firewalls are set correctly is a kind of common use case for server engineers. sh - long (infinite) lsblk execution when server have I/O problems; yum - yum repolist or install stucks in infinite FUTEX because problems in server or yum database. In the past, we used to reboot a managed node using Ansible by a two-step method. connection_plugins/packer. The good old method – Reboot command and wait. 6-rpms Bash: Loop until command exit status equals 0, until nc -z 127. Next, set wait to yes - that's not important for us, but it tells Ansible to wait until the machine gets into a "booted" state. (Unless your network setup forbids ansible to reach the target url) - The reason to do this is that the takes a long time to complete(i. Folks, I am trying to poll a ReST api from a Server I have deployed with ansible. I updated to Ansible 2. An always available standard library with often needed keywords. Changes the value of - hosts: SSH to the ansible machine (Ansible is getting stuck executing scp command on that server). The first modification to our playbook will be to use a loop to allow the file check to wait for the file to show up. If the utility is already running, Ansible will stop and wait until the process has been completed. Wait until your box will be up and running. This is a problem as the older reboot behaviour for Ansible was to; Send the shutdown command over WinRM; Wait until the WinRM port is not reachable (host is shutdown) Wait until the WinRM port is reachable (host is back up) Run a test command to ensure the host is back online and ready In order to ssh back into the machine, I would have to wait for it to come back online and start up ssh. On 5 June 2014 18:18, James Cammarata <jcamm@ansible. But these commands are not always installed on servers, and they don't seem to be usable for Ansible. You are passing the 'retries', 'register', 'delay' and 'until' parameters as arguments to the file module which is not how 'retries' works. ansible provides wait_for module with async connection you can reboot the remote server and wait while it is being rebooted without closing the connection. Also, I'm staying logged into the server while this is happening with my normal id so it's just the ansible-user getting disconnected. retries don't work without until edx/configuration#4079. Copy.